Home Interior Polycuramine VS. Epoxy – What Is The best Option for You?

Polycuramine VS. Epoxy – What Is The best Option for You?

Polycuramine VS. Epoxy – What Is The best Option for You?

A proper garage floor coating will make maintenance convenient as the cleaning process will be easy. You might have heard about different types of garage coating like floor sealer, concrete resurfacing, garage floor tile, epoxy floor coating, polycuramine floor coating, etc. In this article, you will learn about the similarities and differences between polycuramine vs. epoxy.

By using the best quality floor coating, you will be able to extend the lifespan of the floor, and it will be strong enough to hold the weight of the vehicle. Chemicals, temperature change, pressure, and many other factors can damage the garage floor.

Hence, you must know about the best-recommended floor coating options. Polycuramine vs. epoxy are two popular garage floor coating ideas and if you’re wondering which one will be best, continue reading the article to know in detail.

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When building or renovating the house, you must consider both the aesthetic look and the quality so that your house will look excellent and you don’t have to spend on frequent repairs.

Hence similar to the interior and exterior design of the house, you must ensure that you also construct a proper garage to park your vehicle. You may encounter several issues when you don’t have proper maintenance and if it is poorly built. Therefore, to avoid such damages and problems, it is necessary to construct the garage properly, and you can start by choosing the right floor coating.

In this article, you will significantly acquire knowledge about polycuramine vs. epoxy coatings. When you study about garage floor coating, these two types are trendy and will be best. But in case you are confused selecting which one among these floor coatings will be suitable for the garage, this article will help you figure it out.

What Is Polycuramine

polycuramine is a combination of epoxy, urethane, and polyurea, which is one of the quality products of Rust-Oleum. Polycuramine is a new floor coating product that many people choose because of its quality.

Since most people are unaware of the result of using polycuramine, they prefer using the old floor coatings. Therefore, it is necessary to have some knowledge about polycuramine vs. epoxy as it will help to decide on the best product.

What Is Epoxy

Epoxy is one of the well-known products for its quality and reliability. If you have prior experience using epoxy floor coating, you might know that this will work well on the base of your garage. The glossy finishing of this product will make the floor attractive, so it is not necessary to add color.

If you like to add color flake, you can also do it. It is always recommended to coat your floor twice using epoxy as this will increase the durability and give an ultimate finishing. If you are planning to change the garage floor paint from epoxy to any other product, you must check whether the product you choose is better than epoxy.

Polycuramine Vs. Epoxy : What Are The Factors To Consider

These factors mentioned below will help compare and contrast polycuramine and epoxy floor coating.

  • Durability

Applying the epoxy floor coating for the garage in your home may last for about ten years for normal usage. In the workshop, the people will often roughly handle the floor so that the durability will be only for around two to three years.

If you have coated the floor using an excellent quality epoxy product, it may last for approximately twenty years, which may also depend on your maintenance.

On the other hand, polycuramine will also have better durability. Since this product is new to the market, you cannot specifically say how long this product will last.

Rust-Oleum mentions that this product will be twenty times stronger than epoxy, which refers to the traditional epoxy floor coating.

  • Cost

One of the factors that you will consider when purchasing any product is the cost. For a garage with the space to park two cars, it might cost around $1500 to $3000 if you plan to use epoxy.

The Price may differ according to the quality of the product, the surface area of your garage, and the number of coatings you apply.

Applying polycuramine will be cheaper than epoxy as you will have to pay only around $280 for coating 450 square feet.

Using a good quality epoxy two-layers will be enough to get a complete finishing. But if you apply polycuramine, since the layer will be thin, you will have to coat it thrice or more to increase the durability. Hence cost will also increase when you coat additional layers.

  • Time For Complete Curing

Once you apply the floor coating, you must wait until it is dried.

Epoxy will take 7 to 10 days to drive on it, while it may need at least 24 hours for light traffic.

In contrast, the polycuramine will be super-fast in curing as within 8 to 10 hours, you will be able to walk on this floor, and it will only take 24 hours to drive on it.

The humidity present in the environment and the temperature may affect the curing period of the floor coating.

  • Abrasion Resistance

Polycuramine has higher durability; hence it will resist abrasion more, but if you use the best quality of epoxy, it can have a higher abrasion resistance.

Since most people won’t like the floor coating to get scraped sooner, they apply a protective layer on top of the epoxy.

Wearing and removing the coating will also depend on the maintenance and how you handle the floor.

If you’re using these types of floor coating in the workshop, you cannot expect it to last long as the floor usage will be rough, then the coating will scrape off quicker than casual use.


Now you might have an idea about polycuramine vs. epoxy. Also, you must know that these products will have pros and cons.

Some drawbacks of epoxy are that it will take a long time to cure, turns slippery when wet, and produces an unpleasant smell during the application process.

Polycuramine also has some drawbacks. When the floor is exposed to sunlight, it might turn yellow due to UV rays. This coating is very thin; hence you will have to apply several layers.

It is better to use polycuramine instead of a poor-quality epoxy, whereas both products will perform well when you compare polycuramine to high-quality epoxy.

We hope this article helped you learn about polycuramine and epoxy floor coatings.

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