Home Interior How To Find Where Mice Are Coming Into House : Where To Check

How To Find Where Mice Are Coming Into House : Where To Check

How To Find Where Mice Are Coming Into House : Where To Check

Home is a shelter that is necessary for humans, and when building your own house, you will think about several aspects like design, roofing, gardening, and many more. Having pets at your home will be pretty interesting, but when wild animals like mice come into the place, it will turn out disgusting and become a complete disaster. In this article, you will learn how to find where mice are coming into house.

Although you construct the house considering several safety measures, one tiny hole will be enough for the mice to enter the house. If mice are entering your place and you want to know how to find where mice are coming into house, then by reading this article, you will gain some idea.

When mice come to your house, they will start destroying it, so you must quickly find the place it enters and seal it so they will not be able to come again. Since the mouse is a small creature, it can squeeze its body and enter through a small hole.

How To Find Where Mice Are Coming Into House

When mice enter your house, they will start eating the cardboard, food, paper, clothes, etc. So, to get rid of them, you must know how to find where mice are coming into house. Let’s look at the possible entry point through which the mice can enter your home.

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  • Start From Indoor

Start searching if any hole or crack is present indoors, which may allow mice to enter the house. Be very attentive and patient. Check every corner of your home, move the furniture, and check for any cracks. If you have kept pots inside the house, move them, check behind them, and also behind all the appliances you have at home.

Have a closer look near the doors, windows, and air vents. You must also see whether there are any entry points in the basement or the crawl space. Cover all the possible places and inspect thoroughly. If you come across any hole or crack, that might be the loophole that mice use.

It would be best if you use caulk or the concrete mixture to seal any small cracks. If the hole is big, then get the help of a contractor to seal it as they will know to fix it properly, which will reduce the cost of future repairs.

  • Outdoor Inspection

After fixing the repairs that were present indoors, do not end the process, as there might be outdoor places where mice enter your home. So, ensure you head outdoors and inspect thoroughly to find any gaps, holes, or cracks. Sometimes through the gaps present in the foundation, there are possibilities for the mice to enter, so check the foundation.

Also, inspect the gas line, domestic wiring, and piping. The garage is another suspicious place where you need to see if there are any holes. One of the common ways through which the mice can enter your home is the roof, so make sure you check on the roof and the attic.

Thoroughly inspect all the possible places like the vent and airway etc., through which you suspect the mice will enter your house. If you find any holes, cracks, or gaps, seal them properly using cement. In the next section of the article, you will also get an idea of closing the entry points.

  • Seal The Entry Points

Finding the entry points is not enough. You must also know how to seal them properly so the mice won’t come again.

    • You can use the cement mixture to fix small cracks and holes but contact a contractor to seal any significant gaps.
    • If you find any space around the wiring, you can block it using steel wool and expanding foam.
    • If you suspect the mice are coming through the vent or drain, use a steel mesh to cover the opening as it will block the entrance.
    • When the door is closed, if there is a tiny gap, that is sufficient for the mouse to enter your house as it will enter even through a quarter inches hole. So, make sure you seal the gaps in the door frame by using expanding form insulation.
    • Patch any gaps that are present near the window.
    • Similarly, check on all the possible entry points and seal them property. Even if you feel like the crack or gap is too tiny for the mouse to enter, do not leave it without sealing. Sealing all the entry points will restrict the mice from entering the house.
  • Clean Your Yard

If your house’s front and back yards are not maintained well, you must clean them thoroughly. Collect all the leaves, dirt, and debris and put them in the bin. Clean all the food waste present in your garden. Also, ensure that you keep the trash can closed and do not keep your pet food open outdoors during the night. Clean the place well because if there is nothing in your yard that will feed the mice, they will not enter your yard.

  • Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the main place where the mice like to rule it will be eating the food that you have placed on the counter and crumbs that are present on the floor. First, you must make sure that you seal all the cracks and holes that are present in your kitchen. Next, ensure that you don’t leave any food items on your counter. If you are placing anything on the counter, put them in an air-tight container. Sweep the kitchen floor well, and this will disappoint the mice as they will not be able to find food.

  • Use A Mouse Trap

You can place a piece of cheese or bread in the mouse trap and keep it so, the mice will come near the trap to eat the food. This way, you can trap the mice. Even after sealing the entry point, if you can trap mice, you might have missed any loophole check on it and seal it properly.

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We hope this article on how to find where mice are coming into house helped you learn about the entry points of mice.


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