Home Kitchen Is Your Whirlpool Dishwasher Not Drying? Here Is A Report Not To Miss

Is Your Whirlpool Dishwasher Not Drying? Here Is A Report Not To Miss

Is Your Whirlpool Dishwasher Not Drying? Here Is A Report Not To Miss

Whirlpool is one company that produces dishwashers through which you can automatically clean the dishes. But sometimes, the machine will not perform well due to the user’s lack of knowledge about the operation of a whirlpool dishwasher or improper maintenance. This article will focus on the issue of whirlpool dishwasher not drying.

Many people using the whirlpool dishwasher come up with different problems like the dishwasher not cleaning the dishes, not drying, not responding properly, not draining, and not cleaning dishes placed on the top rack. Among these problems in this article, you will learn mainly about the whirlpool dishwasher not drying and its reasons and solutions.

When the whole washing and drying process is complete, you open the dishwasher to place the dishes on the shelves. But you realize that the dishes aren’t dried and if you want to find the reasons for it, continue reading the article.

Some new whirlpool dishwasher users without correct knowledge or prior experience try to operate the machine. If they don’t follow the instruction manual, they will encounter many issues while operating. Whirlpool dishwasher not drying is very common, and by knowing how to fix it, you will be able to do it on your own.

How To Use The Whirlpool Dishwasher Correctly?

When you encounter any problem when using a device, the first thing you must look for before solving is its reason. There are some reasons why the whirlpool dishwasher is not drying, so whenever you encounter this problem. 

Here are some reasons for negligence or improper knowledge on how to use the whirlpool dishwasher that will result in wet dishes even after the process is complete.

  • If you are trying to utilize the time by bulking the dishes into your whirlpool dishwasher, this will not help, and you may encounter an issue like the whirlpool dishwasher not drying. Overloading dishes will not make the machine work properly.
  • When you don’t upload the dishes into the dishwasher correctly, your dishes might not wash properly or remain wet. Loading can be different according to the time of the compartments that are present in the machine, and tightly packing the dishes when loading will not help to wash and dry the dishes adequately.
  • Suppose you encounter a whirlpool dishwasher not drying in the top rack. Only then unload the dishes from the bottom rack first. Because when you begin unloading the top rack, the water in the dishes will drip and make the bottom dishes wet.
  • If you are placing plastic dishes in your whirlpool dishwasher, you may feel that the dishes are wet. The problem is that plastic cannot retain heat.
  • Although you know to operate the whirlpool dishwasher well, sometimes you might forget to select the heated dry, and you find wet dishes when the process is complete.
  • Sometimes insufficient or no dishwasher detergent will cause the dishes to remain too wet, and you may also witness stains.

Why is Whirlpool Dishwasher Not Drying?

In some cases, even when you handle the whirlpool dishwasher correctly, you might still encounter the dishwasher not drying, which may be due to a defect in the dishwasher parts. Some of the common defects are mentioned below.

  • The vent door in your dishwasher will open during the drying process to send the humid air out. If there is a faulty vent door with any damage or improper functioning, it might not help to dry the dishes.
  • When the vent door opens with the help of a vent fan motor, the humid air will blow out. Hence, even if your vent door works properly, defects in the vent fan motor will not make the system function properly. Humid air will be there inside the dishwasher, which may cause the whirlpool dishwasher not to dry dishes.
  • A heating element is in the bottom of your whirlpool dishwasher, which will make the water hot, and the steam evaporates through the vent door. But if the heating element has defects, it will not heat the water properly. Hence, you will witness the whirlpool dishwasher not drying. Sometimes the defect may not be in the heating element but the component related to it, like the wire, switch, or thermostat, which may also result in wet dishes.

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Solutions for Whirlpool Dishwasher Not Drying

Now you might understand the various causes of whirlpool dishwasher not drying dishes, and you can learn how to fix the sure. Make sure you detect the problem before stepping into the solution.

  • Do not overload the dishes as that will cause problems with the dishwasher. Place these dishes properly in each compartment.
  • When uploading the dishes, ensure you have space for air circulations.
  • Place the plastic container or dishes on the top rack of the dishwasher as it will be safe, and make sure you don’t put any disposable plastic containers into the dishwasher as they will not resist heat.
  • You must click the heated dry option when operating the whirlpool dishwasher, as that is the option that will dry your dishes.
  • Use a detergent or rinse aid. Also, you can contact a technician to know the type of rising aid you must use.

If you find any defects in the component of your dishwasher, you must make sure to fix them sooner as operating the dishwasher with a faulty component will be risky and sometimes will cause the device to stop working.

  • Make sure you clean the vent door properly if there is any debris, and fix if there are any damages. In the worst case, you will need to remove the bad vent door and replace it with a new one.
  • Fix any issue in the vent fan motor, and you can test the motor to detect any issue present. If dirt prevents the fan blades from moving freely, try to clean them. And if you feel that the fan motor is burnt or the fan blades are not functioning, you will have to replace it.
  • Using a multimeter, check whether the heating element present in the dishwasher is working well. If it is burnt, you will have to get a new one. Also, check on the components related to the heating elements. Try fixing any disconnection in wires or the issue in the other components. If you cannot fix it on your own, you may get the help of a technician.

We hope this article on the issue of whirlpool dishwasher not drying was helpful!

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