Home Kitchen What Is Cabinet Refacing Vs Painting – Read This Comprehensive Guide

What Is Cabinet Refacing Vs Painting – Read This Comprehensive Guide

What Is Cabinet Refacing Vs Painting – Read This Comprehensive Guide

We’ll describe the discrepancy between cabinet refacing vs painting and address the most frequently asked questions.

Suppose you’re in the process of constructing a kitchen or like to freshen up an existing one. In that case, you may be contemplating a new appearance for your kitchen cabinetry.

If you intend to minimize expense by not exchanging existing cabinets with more recent models, you got two alternatives: refacing or refinishing them. Both cabinets refinishing and refacing have advantages and drawbacks to evaluate, and you must select the procedure that best matches your current kitchen cabinets.

Finally, you want to make the most of your existing cabinets, so you should base your new kitchen design on its condition and style. 

Read more about which project is most suited to your specific requirements.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

It is the process of updating the appearance of your kitchen cabinets by changing frontal components while keeping the cabinet structure intact. The cabinet structure and interior racks stay the same; however, you receive new closet doors, hooks, knobs, and fittings.

Note: Refaced cabinets are perfect if you’re content with the arrangement of your kitchenette and the amount of storage capacity you own but want a new appearance. Refaced cabinets may feature doors and drawer fronts, new latches, doorknobs, and fasteners.

The primary difference between refinishing and refacing your cabinets is straightforward, but there is no apparent victor when it comes to Cabinet Refacing Vs Painting

Cabinet Refacing Vs Painting 

Essentially, you’re upgrading the pieces that are visible to the public. Let’s compare cabinet refacing vs painting.

Refinishing your cabinets provides your old cabinet with a new aesthetic, while refacing them provides your cupboards with a wholly unique appearance. Cabinet refacing is not the same as resurfacing or repainting.

A resurfacing cabinet is older cabinetry polished down to produce a new appearance. However, it is not necessarily practical since much-existing cabinetry is not sturdy enough to be polished into more contemporary forms.

Note: Painted Cabinetry inherently accumulates dirt, filth, and muck, so you’ll require to inspect them more frequently and do routine servicing on them. It creates a vicious loop because the paint collects dust, requiring frequent cleaning, but washing removes the color.

Refacing your cabinetry, on the contrary, is when you renew the doors and front entirely – you don’t attempt to preserve the old ones. The objective is to give the old cabinet structure a fresh look, and both procedures involve shining down the preexisting front doorways.

Note: Essentially, if frontal drawers and doors are unsightly and you intend to replace them completely, you must reface cabinetry designs. But, if the frontal cabinet doors are in excellent shape and you only want to change their structure, painting or resurfacing may be the solution to go.

Cabinet Refacing Vs Painting: Which option should you choose?

So you’re not sure whether to paint or reface your cabinetry. The option eventually boils down to the state of the cabinets, the broader mood you’re looking for, whatever you’re attempting to accomplish with the new kitchen. Here are several pointers to give you some idea among painting and refacing:

When Should You Reface Your Cabinets?

If your cabinets match the following conditions, you must reface them:

  • You like their frameworks and the inside racks or closets.
  • The doorways are in disrepair.
  • Want to to make a significant alteration to the entire look of your kitchenette.
  • You like to replace the cabinet knobs and connections.
  • If you want to boost the property’s value substantially.
  • You like to provide the appearance of freshly installed cabinetry without investing the funds.

When Should Your Cabinets Be Painted?

If your kitchen cabinets match the following requirements, you might consider refinishing them:

  • You like their frameworks as well as the inside racks or drawers.
  • The doorways are in excellent shape.
  • You want to preserve the overall appearance of your kitchen but update or refresh the color palette.
  • You prefer the grips and connections the way they are now.
  • When you like to maintain the general appearance of your current kitchen.
  • I understand that making decisions isn’t always simple, but maybe these suggestions have provided you with additional insights.

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How Long Do Painted Cabinetry Last?

The life span of cabinetry determines if you do it yourself or not. If you finish the cabinetry yourself, the painting will last a handful of years before it needs to be touched up.

Painting cabinet doorways refresh the appearance of your kitchen and protect the facing frameworks and closet compartments from water leaks. It is pretty opinionated and is determined by how often you utilize it in your kitchen.

Note: However, hire a competent team to refinish your cabinets. In that case, they should endure for 8-15 years at best; even if they might need routine repair now and then. Painted wooden cabinetry can survive a long time.

Does Cabinet Refacing Increase the Worth of the house?

In general, cabinetry refacing increases the resale value of your property. For people who sell property with refaced cabinets, it gets estimated that the service accomplished generates a profit of 50 percent.

On the contrary, people who completely change their cabinets only make about a 30% profit since they spend a lot more money putting brand-new cabinets from beginning to end.

Note: If your existing cabinetry is in good shape, refacing is just more cost-effective.

Cabinet Refacing Vs Painting – Bottom Line

We hope you found our cabinet refinishing and refacing instructions helpful. Revamping your kitchen could be challenging even in the right circumstances. So it’s critical to engage with reputable builders and inner architects that seem to have your better interests in mind and the potential market value of your house.

While refinishing cabinets may appear to be the less expensive and simpler alternative. Refacing existing cabinets is a highly economical approach; in order to give your home a substantial makeover without spending a lot of money.


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