Home Interior How To Cut Granite Countertop – Step By Step Guide

How To Cut Granite Countertop – Step By Step Guide

How To Cut Granite Countertop – Step By Step Guide

So you’re beginning to consider how to cut granite countertop. The exciting thing is that several methods and instruments will allow you to cut granite worktops yourself.

Granite is a lovely and sophisticated accent to any home interior. Granite worktops enhance the overall look of the area and improve worth immediately. We wish to make changes to our worktops now and then.

Granite is a strong, heavy, and thick stone that will require considerable shaping or cutting. Most householders spend a significant amount of money purchasing and installing them. So when the moment arrives to cut and change your worktops, you may find yourself paying a lot more money on the workforce. 

Continue reading to learn about the equipment and guidelines you’ll need to cut granite countertops properly.

Before You Cut Granite Countertop

There are several points to consider before you begin. Qualified assistance might be the wisest option, even if you’ve never done something like this before. It is essential for ensuring a high degree of safety.

Next, the haphazard effort might fracture or shatter your priceless stone. The procedure will include the use of powerful tools. Before sawing granite at the household, ensure you get the necessary protective gear and follow basic safety precautions.

Lastly, perform some homework. There’s a whole plethora of video courses and demonstrations accessible on the internet. Observing an expert execute it first could provide you with many helpful hints and best guidelines?

Granite might shatter and flake if the job doesn’t get done correctly. Let’s get into how to cut granite countertops.

How To Cut Granite Countertop?

Get Your Equipment Ready

Prepare all of the necessary supplies, such as the cutter. For cutting granite, the most often used tool is a saw cutter. Ascertain that you are carrying the safety gear. Assess the workplace area and make sure that no kids or puppies are present when you are working.

Wear protective eyewear to avoid incinerating debris. The shocks produced by the electric saw and the granite will also generate loudness. Earplugs get strongly urged to get worn. Before you begin, tie up any stray hair and clothes. Remove any jewelry you may have. While sawing worktops, keep all disturbances at a minimum.

Note: Utilize a ruler or measuring tape to evaluate the spot where the cut will get made. There will be no turning point if you screw up; therefore, you must be pretty accurate.

Keep Your Workspace Safe

Granite is a long-lasting and robust substance, although it is brittle. The last point you need is to conserve money on labor yet eventually pay more due to damages. Ensure that you are sawing on a sturdy platform.

While sawing with power tools, they shake a lot. Install clamps to hold the granite countertop. It gets recommended that one clamp should get used per 1-2 feet of countertop.

Clamping is discretionary for some, but it gets strongly recommended if you want optimal protection and outcomes. Irregular cuts or chipping on the granite might result from a shaky workstation.

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Mark The Cutting Area With Tape

Add a piece of architect’s tape to the location where you’ll be sawing once you’ve measured it out. After that, utilizing the ruler or measuring tape as a reference, trace a line on a tape. Since this line shall act as a physical guide when sawing, you should be very cautious while drawing it.

Note: The architect’s tape will keep the granite from shattering where you will be cutting it, and it also protects the area from scratches caused by small materials.

Create A Back Cut

Vibrations might potentially shatter or split the end, and it will irreversibly destroy your valuable granite worktops. The thinner the cloth becomes as you get near the cut’s finish—the heinous preventable. Prevent fissures and fractures by making a reverse cut at the opposing side of your initial position.

Begin Cutting

Place the saw correctly. Before you begin cutting, fix any stray hair and clothes. Maintain a firm hold on the saw cutter without forcing the cut. Allow the saw to do its work. Only use gentle force as you track the cutline.

Take a break and relax if you get tired throughout the cutting process. Don’t push yourself. In the worst-case scenario, tired muscles may wreak havoc to the granite and physical harm. Do not rush to complete the assignment.

Sprinkle the Granite with Water

While you cut, get help to sprinkle water on the worktop. Excessive heat and stress generated by granite sawing are necessary, and not want the cutter to become too hot. If you got no helper at a time, you’d need to complete the task yourself using a wet saw.

Examine Your Work

After you’ve finished the cut, the last step for how to cut granite countertop is to double-check to ensure it’s adequate. If you are happy, you can complete the project or go to the next one by performing the same procedure. You can rectify minor flaws by reinserting the tape and sawing again.

Note: After experiencing the wondrous ecstasy of victory, there seem to be a couple of extra measures to complete before fitting the countertop. The newly cut surface could be rougher and require finishing. You can also be coping with unpolished granite that might need a sealer to preserve and enable it to glow more.

Bottom Line

It might not be as difficult as it seems to cut granite worktops, and it is feasible to accomplish it at residence with the proper instruments and skills. From building up and finishing the operation, the procedure of sawing granite will only require you several hours.

This effortless procedure may save you bucks while placing granite in the house. Constantly remember that your protection is the biggest concern, and avoid taking risks beyond your technical talents. Seek expert assistance if you’re uncertain.


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