Home Kitchen How To Reset Water Heater – DON’T DO WITHOUT READING THIS!!!

How To Reset Water Heater – DON’T DO WITHOUT READING THIS!!!

How To Reset Water Heater – DON’T DO WITHOUT READING THIS!!!

Buying a water heater is indeed a wise investment since it allows you to take hot baths whenever you want. After such a hard day at work, you fantasize about a nice shower, but there is no hot water when you reach home? Something is wrong if the water unexpectedly becomes cold or refuses to heat. In such cases, knowing how to restart your water heater becomes critical. So you want to know how to reset water heater?

You no longer need to be concerned since we have you covered. The following is an essential list of procedures for resetting a water heater, as well as a list of potential faults which may have induced your water heater to break down.

Why did the Water Heater stop working?

Your water heater reset button frequently trips due to a problem with the water heater or difficulties such as:

  • The thermostat on the water heater system gets broken.
  • The reset button is not working correctly.
  • The high-limit switch is broken, which prevents the water from being too hot. If it trips, there is a malfunction or enabling the water to become too hot.
  • There is a gap in the heating element, which may let the water continue heating but trigger the high-limit button.
  • A wire has come free someplace in the water heater, causing water to get hot and activate the high-limit switch.
  • A problem with the electrical system in the house

Importance of Reset button

Hot water must flow from the faucets, devices, and showerheads. Warm water gets used for more than just showers; it may also clean clothes and kitchenware adequately. Water heaters typically last 8-12 years, although they may need to get replaced sooner.

While you can reset the water heater, it is often a good idea to understand the situations that require a water heater reset. Typically, the issues are minimal and may get resolved with a reset.

Why do you need to reset a water heater?

A circuit breaker and a reset button are incorporated to avoid a scene. In many cases, the reset button will trip for no apparent reason, and it is safe to reset it. There are, however, a few significant reasons why it could trip and not turn back on:

  • A broken thermostat would prohibit the machine from generating hot water, causing the circuits to trip.
  • Electrical problems: Occasionally, a loose or defective wire stops power from entering the heater.
  • A faulty high-limit switch: Whether this switch fails, the water will raise the temperature until the circuit gets broken.
  • A faulty breaker: The water heater might be too much for the house to manage, causing the breaker to trip.
  • A defective element: This isn’t easy to notice because the thermostat will appear to be in working order. However, the water continues to heat over the temperature you specified. As a result, there is a break.

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Where is the reset button on the water heater?

The reset button on an electric or gas water heater gets positioned below the steel panel’s surface, covering the tank’s side. Remove the screws upon the panel cover’s top and bottom edges to access the button. The button is either red or black, with only a 1-inch diameter.

How to reset water heater?

It is a simple procedure for how to reset a water heater. However, you cannot be too cautious when figuring out this high-priced equipment. That’s why we have included five precise and straightforward methods to ensure how you can easily restart your water heater.

Disconnect water heater

The very first stage is to disconnect the heater from the power supply. Before dealing with any appliance’s settings, that’s always best to turn it off. Most heating systems are hooked directly into the wall, allowing you to unhook or turn off its electricity. In some instances, the heater gets already wired. In this instance, switch it off at the breaker box.

Remove cover

In most situations, the reset button gets buried behind a panel. It is to ensure that it gets safeguarded and not mistakenly set off. This panel is most likely located around the top thermostat or towards the bottom. To remove the screws, you may need to use a screwdriver. Then, raise the plate to reveal the insulating pad.

Remove the insulation pad

To minimize undesired heat loss, water heaters often have an insulating pad beneath the panel. It is probably a foam cover that conceals the reset button and other controls on your water heater.

Remove the pad out from the way, as well as the reset button ought to be visible. Remember to save the insulating pad since you will have to replace it while reassembling.

Click the reset button

The reset button is usually red and straightforward to find. To make things simpler, some would call it the reset button. If you haven’t used this button in a while, the switch may become stuck at first.

Press the button hard until you feel a distinct click. Some models may not produce a click. That’s why you should hold the reset button down for nearly five seconds. It should give any water heater enough time to reset its settings.

Reassemble and Turn on

To reassemble, find your way backward. Set the installation pad back in its place first. After you’ve returned it to its appropriate location, you may install the panel well over the pillow.

Then, retrieve the screws you previously removed and reinstall them. Remember to tighten the screws. After that, reconnect the water heater to the power source. You may now test the water heater, which should be working correctly.

And You are done with our how to reset water heater guide.

Final Thought

Water heaters are crucial in our life since we need hot water to clean our appliances and showers. They may survive 8-12 years if they are correctly maintained. If the water heater isn’t working correctly, follow the procedures above and contact a professional if necessary.


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