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How To Clean Primo Water Dispenser

How To Clean Primo Water Dispenser

The water dispenser is a machine available in most places that you can use to dispense cold, warm, or hot water. Placing a water dispenser at home, restaurant, hospital, or other locations is easy to access drinking water. This article will teach you how to clean primo water dispenser.

Different types of water dispensers belong to various brands, and one of the best water dispensers many people intend to use at home is the Primo water dispenser. If you also have this machine and wondering how to clean primo water dispenser, then you are in the right place, as this article will provide the necessary steps to follow when cleaning. There are several reasons why people choose the primo water dispenser apart from the other brands. 

Often people suggest boiling or filtering the water before drinking or using it for cooking purposes. As water dispensers will be much more efficient and reliable in providing clean water, it is better to have a water dispenser in the household.

If you don’t know how to clean primo water dispenser, it is straightforward, and you will also have the required stuff for cleaning at home. Hence by following the procedures given in the article, you will be able to clean your water dispenser.

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Why Use A Primo Water Dispenser?

If you already have a Primo water dispenser, you might know how useful it will be for the hold. It is significantly essential to filter the water rather than drinking from the tap to prevent various problems like diarrhea, allergies, etc.

In some cases, the water you use may be contaminated with mercury, lead or arsenic, so if you use a Primo water dispenser, you don’t have to worry as this machine will help purify the water and deliver safe and clean water for drinking. Let’s also look at why Primo water dispenser has good customer reviews.

Benefits Of Having A Primo Water Dispenser At Home

  • There are numerous benefits of drinking water from a Primo water dispenser as it is better for health, especially if you have kids or elders with low immune systems.
  • The water from the dispenser will be in a fresher state compared to boiled water and will help to hydrate yourself.
  • Since it is easily accessible, your kids will also be able to consume sufficient water, and they will not have to wait for the assistance of an adult.
  • Suppose you want to make an instant tea or a coffee, then as the primo water dispenser also provides hot water, you can make it quickly.
  • Even if you have a large family, the primo water dispenser holds five gallons of water, so it will be sufficient.
  • Also, you don’t have to boil the water in the kettle as you can get warm and hot water from this machine which will save your time.
  • Above all, you will be drinking clean water.

You must also know that it is necessary to clean the primo water dispenser every three months, so to get a clear idea on how to clean primo water dispenser, continue reading the article.

How To Clean Primo Water Dispenser

First, let’s check on the list of things that you need for cleaning the primo water dispenser,

    • Two tablespoons of unscented, regular bleach (alternatively, you may also use distilled vinegar- 2cups).
    • A bucket that can hold two gallons of water.
    • A Sponge
    • Small Funnel
    • A Philips head screwdriver

Most of the things listed will be available at home. You can also get them in the nearby store if you don’t have them. Now let’s start the cleaning process.

  • Preparing Cleaning Solution

First, you must prepare the cleaning solution. Since you are working with bleach, it is better to wear a pair of gloves and a mask.

Take the bucket and put two tablespoons of bleach, and then you must pour two gallons of hot water into it and mix it well.

If you use distilled vinegar, you can prepare the solution similarly by mixing it with 2 gallons of hot water.

  • Removing The Dispenser

Five minutes before starting the cleaning, you must switch off the energy-saving switches in the water dispenser, unplug the code and move the dispense away from the wall so that you can clean it comfortably.

Then you can remove the water bottle from the dispenser and drain all the water through the hot and cold pipes.

By using a bucket, you can collect the draining water.

  • Cleaning By Using The Solution

You will have to pour the cleaning solution into the water dispenser until the solution fills the reservoir.

Then allow the solution to sit for about ten minutes.

Afterwards, you can dip the sponge into the cleaning solution and clean the inner surface of the machine.

  • Cleaning The Water Taps And Scrub Tray

Scrub the drip tray and the tap using the sponge, and then you can rinse it well with fresh water.

Also, it is necessary to ensure the taps and tray are dried well before placing them back, as there must be no moisture in the tight spaces.

  • Rinsing The Dispenser

Since you pour the cleaning solution into the dispenser, you will have to rinse it well using hot water.

By removing the drain plug, you can drain the water from the back side of the appliance and also, and you can open both the taps.

It is necessary to repeat the rinsing procedure about four to five times until the cleaning solution removes entirely and there is no smell of bleach or vinegar.

Cleaning The Water Lines And Cold Reservoir

You must place the drain plug, taps, cap, and plug the dispenser, then switch it on. Make sure to wash your hands before replacing the components.

Although you can clean the dispenser once in three months, you must clean water lines every week as this will help to prevent limescale forming.

To remove the plastic tubing, you can use the Philips head screwdriver.

If there is any ice, wait till it defrosts. Next, by placing the small funnel, you can pour the two to three cups of distilled vinegar into the water lines and leave it for about ten minutes, as this will be helpful in breaking lime scales.

You must run the vinegar through the tap to remove any limescale in the valves. Lastly, you must wash the water lines thoroughly with fresh water.

Now you can fix the plastic tubing and use the dispenser as usual.

We hope this article was informative.

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