Home Interior How To Get Rid of House Centipedes – Easiest Methods

How To Get Rid of House Centipedes – Easiest Methods

How To Get Rid of House Centipedes – Easiest Methods

There’s nothing quite like seeing a house centipede scurry across your floor. Anyone who comes into contact with a house centipede is likely terrified. Despite their frightening appearance, centipedes are harmless and even beneficial for the most part. House centipedes prefer to remain hidden, so if you stumble across one, it will almost certainly be an unpleasant surprise for both of you. Do you, however, have more than one house centipede in your residence? Do centipedes with 100 legs make you feel uneasy, and you’re wondering how to get rid of house centipedes? Well, you’ve come to the right place for an answer.

Quick Summary:  Reduce the amount of moisture in your property by sealing any cracks and gaps. The best treatments for this pest are residual spray insecticides and specks of dust like boric acid or diatomaceous earth.

Continue reading the post to learn about the best ways to get rid of home centipedes, as well as other helpful hints.

Who Are Centipedes – All You Need to Know

Centipedes have flat, elongated bodies that may get anywhere from 16 to 612 inches long. They, despite their name, have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs, depending on the species. Most centipedes have two tiny fangs to puncture human flesh, so you don’t have to worry about bites.

Some centipede species have got known to live up to ten years. Centipedes prefer moist environments. Basements, closets, and floor drains are examples of where this might happen inside. Females lay 15-60 eggs at a time, usually in rotten wood or soil

Centipedes may get found in abundance throughout the United States. The house centipede is the most common centipede species in the United States. Unlike other centipedes, they often get found inside, and unlike other species, the house centipede is very harmless.

What Are Home Centipedes?

To better understand how to get rid of house centipedes. You need to know what a home centipede is. Centipedes in the house have a brownish-yellow back with three black stripes that span its length.

The house centipede gets also noted for its remarkable speed. Several may disappear from view in the blink of an eye, making it extremely difficult to kill this nuisance physically. The presence of house centipedes in your home may indicate a more significant problem with other pests.

House centipedes seek shelter and food in your house, and their company does not please homeowners. House centipedes survive by devouring other small insects and spiders and being near moisture sources because they lack moisture-creating enzymes.

How to Find Home Centipedes?

Because of the secretive habit of this insect, a house centipede infestation can be challenging to detect. You may also look for house centipedes by looking for activity at the times when they are most active.

Because of their enhanced sensitivity to light, house centipedes are primarily nocturnal. Take advantage of the next time you’re up late to look for home centipedes.

How To Get Rid of House Centipedes

Here are the best tips to answer how to get rid of house centipedes, usually you can get rid of them in three ways.

Note: When confronted with a house centipede, the typical reaction is to smash the intruder with a shoe instantly. House centipedes serve a role to eliminate pests you don’t want in your house; therefore, it’s a good idea to leave them alive

How To Get Rid of House Centipedes By Yourself 

Start by following the step-by-step instructions below if you want to learn how to get rid of home centipedes on your own.

  • Step #1: Addressing water concerns will reduce the pest’s attraction to your property. You may achieve this by using a dehumidifier or placing a fan in the bathroom to ensure that there isn’t any additional moisture in the walls.
  • Step #2: Vacuum your house thoroughly, including the nooks and crevices. The most excellent strategy to limit the number of centipedes in your home is to keep them out in the first place and seal any openings into the area to prevent bugs from laying eggs.
  • Step #3: House centipedes eat cockroaches, silverfish, and spiders, among other pests. The answer to permanently getting rid of home centipedes is to remove their food source.

How To Get Rid of House Centipedes By Using Available Products             

The optimum application site for home centipedes is to apply a residual spray in all entry areas, as well as moist and gloomy regions, such as closets. Let’s look at some of the best spray and dust solutions for centipedes in the house.

  • PT Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide: The strength and efficacy of foam insecticide get delivered in a compact and easy-to-use aerosol. It dries clean with no apparent residue and provides non-repellent control for a long time. Dust also has a residual-killing action, and it’s best administered using a dust applicator to get into cracks, crevices, and house centipede hiding places.
  • Alpine Dust 3lb Bed Bug Control Green Product: Alpine Dust Insecticide is a contact and residual powder insecticide that may get applied to cracks, crevices, spots, and voids. Alpine Dust has two active chemicals, Dinotefuran and Diatomaceous Earth, for a faster death and broad-spectrum application.

How To Get Rid of House Centipedes By Calling Professionals

A persistent house centipede infestation without expert assistance might be challenging to eradicate. When an infestation indicates the presence of another sort of pest in your house, you should get professional service to guarantee that all problems get eliminated.

Bottom Line

House centipedes may bite and leave two red markings on your skin as well as localized discomfort. House centipede bites, fortunately, are infrequent and rarely cause significant problems. Basements, bathrooms, beneath baseboards, and attics are ideal habitats for the House Centipede. Indoors, you can manage these pests by removing their hiding places. Centipedes will shift to areas where the food supply is more reliable if you can find out which bugs the centipedes are dining on and eliminate them. You will be able to get rid of them in no time if you follow the above suggestions.



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