Home Bathroom How to Clean Up Shattered Shower Door? – Easy Steps!!

How to Clean Up Shattered Shower Door? – Easy Steps!!

How to Clean Up Shattered Shower Door? – Easy Steps!!

When cleaning a broken shower door, you should be more careful not to hurt yourself. Anyway, it is not rocket science to clean broken glass, but you must ensure you do it suitably and cautiously to avoid unwanted injuries. So, let’s see how to clean up the shattered shower door.

Cleaning the shower door is not a difficult task but cleaning a broken shower door is a tricky procedure since it has already made a big mess in your bathroom. And also, it might be a dangerous place, especially for your kids because of the broken pieces of glass. So, it would be best to clean it up before anyone gets injured.

How to Clean Up Shattered Shower Door?

To clean up the broken shower door, you will need some protective equipment for your safety, and you will have to follow a few vital steps. Keep reading to know more about cleaning the shattered shower door.

Initially, let’s see the types of safety equipment you need to wear to protect yourself.

You will need thick gloves, long pants, boots, and goggles. Put on all these safety equipment to prevent any damage, as there might be tiny glass pieces that will cut your skin. They might even be invisible. So, it would be best if you took safety precautions.

Then you have to get rid of any broken glasses on the floor. Using a broom, you can put them to a side or throw out the fractured glasses. Then, if any glasses are left on the door, carefully remove those broken glasses before cleaning the bathroom floor. To remove the broken glasses still on the door, you will have to follow a few steps to do it correctly.

First, you must cover the drains using tape to prevent the glass pieces from blocking the pipes. Then place a plastic tarp to catch the broken glass pieces so you can easily remove the fallen portions. Use a small hammer and tap the leftover glass pieces. Then the glass pieces will fall out slowly. After you tap and remove all the glass pieces on the shower door, take out all the glasses carefully. Make sure you dispose of all these broken pieces very carefully.

Then sweep the bathroom floor. Now you got rid of all the large pieces of glass and have to deep clean to remove all the tiny crystals still left on the floor. To do that, take a clean thick damp cloth and wipe out all the surfaces in the bathroom, as the tiny pieces might be everywhere. Make sure you still have your gloves on. You may have to repeat this several times to clean the surfaces thoroughly. And you can get the best results if you have a microfiber cloth in hand because it will pick up all the tiny pieces.

Now that all the visible pieces of glass are gone. Now you can vacuum the bathroom floor to remove any left particles. It is essential to vacuum, especially if you have kids.

What Causes a Glass Door to Shatter?

There are a few reasons why your glass door shatters. Keep reading to know more because you can avoid these types of accidents beforehand if you already know the causes.

The glass will shatter if the door isn’t installed correctly. This is one of the main reasons your glass door will break. So, when you open such weak door, it may fall out and can injure you. Then immediately you will have to replace it with a new one. So, make sure you take the professional’s help when installing the glass door if you do not have enough knowledge to do that.

And sometimes, imperfections of the glass may also cause a glass door to shatter. The other reason might be that the glass door is thin and cannot bear the pressure of the water. However, this is a rare situation.

Thus, if your shower door is tempered, you will be worried less as it will reduce the damages you will face.

How to Clean a Cracked Shower Door without Damaging?

Before cleaning the cracked shower door, you must ensure again that you have safety equipment such as thick gloves, boots, long pants, and goggles. Then take a plastic trap and attach it to the bottom of the shower door to prevent glass pieces from falling onto the floor. Carefully tap the cracked glass door using a small hammer to remove all the broken glass.

Then remove all the glass pieces from the bathroom and dispose of them carefully if you have kids around. Sweep the floor to ensure there are no large pieces of glass on the bathroom floor.

Then wipe all the bathroom surfaces to make sure you remove all the tiny glass particles. It would be best if you always kept in mind to take the best safety precautions when cleaning any broken glass. After you are sure that you removed all the tiny particles on the floor, do sweep the floor again. 

Lastly, you can vacuum the bathroom floor, bathtub, counters, and all the other possible surfaces where glass pieces may still be present.

Is It Okay to Vacuum Broken Glass?

Vacuuming broken glass pieces depends. You cannot vacuum the larger pieces; you can only pick up them one by one or remove the glass pieces using the broom.

It is recommended to vacuum after removing all the larger pieces and wiping the floors with a damp cloth. After all, you can clean the floor bathtub counters for any invisible leftover glass pieces.

If you have kids, it is imperative to vacuum after cleaning the broken pieces of glass. You should ensure you have all the tiny glass pieces out of the bathroom to prevent any injuries. And also, throughout this whole process, remember to wear gloves and boots to avoid any damage.

We hope you got all the necessary answers on how to clean a broken shower door!

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