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How Often To Water Mint – Let’s Prevent Overwatering Mint Plants

How Often To Water Mint – Let’s Prevent Overwatering Mint Plants

In this guide, we’ll go over how often to water mint, sunshine it likes, and what climatic conditions the plant prefers. Mint is a delicious plant that may get utilized in various ways, such as cooking and medicine. Mint is present in toothpaste tubing, xylitol products, and candies, medications used to treat hiccups alleviate stomach and mild migraines get produced from the minty plant.

However, what should you understand before starting to grow mint plants? Mint plants in pots are an excellent herb to cultivate at home, and you’ll end up having fresh mint blooms! However, mint, like every other plant, requires care to thrive. It is critical to understand two aspects while maintaining minty plants: how often freshwater they need and when to feed them. 

Quick Summary: Mint should get watered once or two times a week in general. However, carefully inspect the soil to see whether it’s moist, soggy, or dry to prevent excessive and less watering.

Read more to discover when to feed your minty plant.

The mint plant, sometimes known as mint, is a lovely plant to enjoy both inside and outdoors. It has a charming aroma, and its petals are beautiful when they blossom. Mint plants require various nutrients to grow, and water is maybe the most critical item they need.

Because their roots grow, they should get constantly immersed in wet soil with sufficient drainage. It gets determined by various variables, like soil conditions, weather, box size, and placed straight in the ground. Let’s look at how often to water mint.

How Often To Water Mint?

Water your minty plants in the morning to ensure they have enough water to grow. But, before you begin, you must be aware that, although minty plants like hanging in damp soil, they dislike hanging in saturated soil.

Consequently, while feeding your minty plants, insert your fingertip into the surface soil where their stalks touch the ground. You must feed plants if the soil is drying. If the earth seems viscous or damp, hydrate them the subsequent day.

Note: Overwatering your mint regularly may cause its soggy roots to rot and cause it to perish. So water them just after you’ve examined the soil around their base with your fingertip. Also, water them just in the morning to absorb any extra water from the noon sun.


Mint plants are often grown in pots. It is due to their invasive nature. When cultivated in the soil, they can swiftly overrun gardening and harm other seedlings. Mint plants cultivated in containers need to get fed more frequently than soil ones. It’s because minty container plants only have one water supply. Still, in-ground minty plants may take moisture from the environment as well.

Consequently, if you’re planting mint in containers, you’ll have to feed them often—each day, most likely. But, when you do so, insert your fingertip into the dirt in the pots to check for moisture. However, always add water if the mixture is dry.

Terracotta Clay Pots

Terracotta clay has a high porosity. Water quickly excretes out of terracotta pots, and they essentially retain the soil but never the liquid. So, suppose you’re producing mint in terracotta pots.

In that case, you need to water it more regularly than you would in every other form of the receptacle. Always recall, preceding watering, check the moist level of the medium in the pots with your finger.

If you don’t intend to feed your mint all the time, invest in self-watering pots. Self-watering pots keep the soil wet and never dry up by pulling liquid from reserves through osmosis.

When you acquire self-watering pots, your sole responsibility is to replace their water sources periodically. There’s no obligation to monitor the soil hydration level or irrigate your minty every day. There is also no danger of overwatering.

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Full Sun

Now, If you reside in a hot climate where the sun shines every day and wonder how often to water mint, you should hydrate your outdoors minty plants two times per day. It’s particularly true if you’ve placed them in a part of your lawn or gardening that gets direct sunlight.

The rationale you have to feed your minty plant two times per day is because the blazing sun causes absorption, which causes your minty plant to shed a lot of water. It will probably cause the soil they get planted to dry out.

Therefore, to keep your minty plants from becoming dry, irrigate plants in the early mornings and the evenings. However, you must always check the soil’s moisture level first to see whether your plants need freshwater before showering them.

How to prevent overwatering of mint plants

Overwatering your minty plants is hugely damaging and might kill them. It’s because overwatering causes three primary detrimental consequences. It wipes minerals near the root system, prohibiting plants from receiving and utilizing them.

Secondly, it immerses root systems, preventing them from obtaining the air required to survive. Finally, it renders plants more prone to infestation. In essence, if you give excessive water to the plants, they will struggle to thrive.

The good thing is that you’ll notice if you’re overwatering your minty plants fast. Check out for indications of overwatering, like withering foliage and brittle stalks. Mint plants that are continuously overwatered seem drooping, so keep an eye open for this as well.

Suppose your minty plants are continually troubled with illnesses like stalk wilt, bacterial leaf, or downy fungus. In such a scenario, you are very definitely overwatering them. Before feeding your plants, check to see whether they need it.

Bottom Line

It is effortless to care for your mint plants. Just keep an eye out for drooping foliage, examine the clay with your fingertips, and hydrate the plant sparingly if necessary. We hope these suggestions assist you in producing healthy plants throughout the year.


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