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Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters? All You Need To Know

Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters? All You Need To Know

The home equipment field develops rapidly with new technologies day by day. Thus, nowadays, there are some different types of roofing systems that comes with various characteristics. However, we cannot ignore some essential parts of the roofing that is needed for the protection and durability of our home. And gutters are such a thing that we pay attention when installing a roofing system. But do metal roofs need gutters? This newest obsession has gained popularity as a roofing system that does not require gutters. So today, let’s discuss the veracity of this, so you will be able to decide whether you will install gutters for your metal roof or not.

Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters? 

Gutters act as protective armor around your house because it protects the house and its siding from rainy water. Gutters are commonly used for traditional asphalt shingle roofing, but if you wish to equip your home with a metal roof, you will have this problem regarding the necessity of gutters. The short answer is no; metal roofs do not require gutters. It can survive without a gutter system, not like traditional asphalt shingles. The reason why, metal roofs are water resistant.

However, there may be some problems because the roof itself cannot protect the siding of your home, walkways, and flower beds from the rain. The water might leak through the siding panels due to the absence of gutters.

If you do not prevent it, finally, you will have to do a costly repair as well. Besides, if the roof is not equipped with a proper drainage system, the flower beds around the roof might be damaged. And gradually, it affects the foundation of your home because rainwater will be able to trickle into the foundation. Thus, it is questionable to install a roof without gutters because of the above risks you have to face.

What is the Best Gutter System for a Metal Roof? 

Since you know the importance of gutters, let’s discuss what the best type of gutter system for a metal roof is. There are several kinds of gutters for roof styles and sizes. When it comes to metal roofing, it is recommended to use any gutter system for metal roofs that you can attach to the fascia board by experts in the field. But there are do nots as well. You should not install gutters that need straps to anchor because the heaviness can harm the eaves and sheathing.

The best types of gutters for metal roofing are half-round or K-style gutters since they are attached to the fascia boards.

  1. Half-round Gutters – this type of drainage system is highly effective, although it is a traditional style. As the name suggests, it looks like a half-cylindrical tube. Additionally, you will need a special bracket to set the gutters in place.
  2. K-style Gutters – these come in aluminum or galvanized steel, so they are somewhat heavy. The outer look of K-style gutters is better than half-round ones since they indicate the letter ‘K’ when viewing from the sides. Moreover, they can handle a water capacity more than half round gutters.

How do Gutters Attach to a Metal Roof? 

First and foremost, you are reminded to get the service of a professional if you are unable to fulfill the task by yourself, especially the weight of the components is a matter to consider here, so a professional would calculate the measurements precisely. However, we will provide you with a guide on how to attach gutters on metal roofs.

First, you should measure the length of the metal roof. But take care of yourself because metal roofs are slippery. The length of the gutter should be equal to the full length of the roof. After that, choose the right type of gutters for your metal roofs. We recommend half-round ones or K-style ones.

Then you have to cut the gutters using a sharp power tool. If your roof has already been drilled, it will be easy to install gutters. If not, then you have to drill the roof to attach the gutters. Finally, the gutters should be attached to the brackets that you made on the roof. Use screws to ensure that everything is properly fit.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Gutters on Metal Roofs?

The metal roofs themselves are quite expensive because of their novelty and the ability to water resistance. And if you additionally install a gutter system to metal roofs, you will have to spend some more money for gutters as well as hire. So, the cost is the most prominent drawback here. And when you install the gutter system, it should be done carefully and precisely because an improper installation causes various issues, such as ripping off the gutter in stormy weather.

Thus, you have to maintain the gutter system properly with extra care. And filthy gutters cause a blockage, so the drainage will not be fulfilled by them. Then the gutters are too heavy, and they can cause rip off the roof. In brief, there may be some disadvantages of metal roofs with gutters, but as long as you can maintain them properly, it will not be problematic.

When Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters?

We know that metal roofs can survive without gutters. However, they will need gutters due to weather changes. So, if your home is located in an area that often experiences rain, storms, severe winds, or snow, it is better to install a gutter system; otherwise, the lifespan of the roof will be lower. And if the roof is very old, you can install a gutter system to strengthen it.

Do you need a drip edge with a metal roof? 

You can see metal sheets at the edge of the roofs, and they are called drip edges. And they are highly beneficial on metal roofs. Drip edges are designed to keep water away from the structure of the home, so it really affects the durability of the roof. In addition, it protects the roof from severe winds and storms.

What’s more, they can decrease the noise of rain, which is an issue that comes with metal roofs because drip edges act as bumper on the roof panels. Last but not least, drip edges enhance the look of the roof. So, never miss drip edges when you install metal roofs to achieve these benefits. It is worth your money!

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