Home Interior How To Clean Ink Out Of A Dryer Safely Without Causing Damages?

How To Clean Ink Out Of A Dryer Safely Without Causing Damages?

How To Clean Ink Out Of A Dryer Safely Without Causing Damages?

Most of the time, we don’t give our clothes dryer much thought, doing its job and maintaining our clothing looking and smelling great. However, it takes a wayward ink pen to clog your dryer and dirty your shirts, sweaters, and jeans. So you might be thinking about how to clean ink out of a dryer? Keep on reading to know all about cleaning the dryer. Understanding how and when to remove ink smudges from a dryer ensures that a fountain pen does not ruin your day.

How To Clean Ink Out Of A Dryer – Methods

Following are some ways for How To Clean Ink Out Of A Dryer

  • Rubbing Alcohol

Dissolve the ink and rapidly clear it away. Cleaning agents such as rubbing alcohol are beneficial. Pick one up and restart the dryer. Wearing gloves, fill the container with equal parts alcohol and water.

Then, using a cleanser, soak the cloth or white towel. Remove the inked area and any pen markings. If the cloth is already saturated with ink, remove it. When the solution becomes filthy, replace it. Hold until the drum is clean and ready for laundry.

  • Nail Polish Remover

When ink comes into touch with nail polish remover, it stops adhering to the metal. Fill the bowl halfway with water and nail paint remover. Place the cloth in the cleanser until it is saturated. Avoid blotting the stain.

If the textiles get already saturated with ink, replace them. Lift the ink spot and observe till the dryer is stain-free. If you haven’t any nail polish, hairspray will suffice.

  • Magic Eraser

Use a magic eraser to solve your ink problems. Remove those pesky inks and wait for the dryer to hum again. Put on some gloves and rub the dry ink with a magic eraser. To decorate the space, use a moist towel. Then, when they appear, remove the crumbs. After removing the residue, wipe off the dryer drum.

  • Water And Soap

Liquid soap is great for washing windows, pavement, and other surfaces. Detergent and dishwashing liquid are effective ink removers, and they are perfect for removing fresh ink from the drier. Use any of these to protect yourself against ink stains. To two cups of warm water, add two tablespoons of liquid soap.

Even if you don’t wet the cloth, place it in the liquid. After that, wipe the inside of the dryer with a cloth. Apply mild pressure while gently scrubbing the stain. If the ink begins to discolor the cloth, replace it. Carry on in this manner until the stain has vanished. Remove any soap residue by rinsing it with clean water.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Clean everything from fittings to gums and the ink from such a dryer with hydrogen peroxide since it’s a cleaning approach that eliminates the fresh ink stain. Fill a bottle halfway with peroxide and half with water, and rub a cloth over the liquid to remove the color. Continue until the dryer is clean and clear of ink. This recipe is fantastic for eliminating odors from the dryer.

  • Heat

Warm the dryer drum with heat. For around twenty minutes, run the dryer on high heat, and this will soften the ink and allow you to clean the drum.

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Things to Consider Before Cleaning The Dryer

Before you begin cleaning that pesky ink from the dryer, check out the following suggestions:

  • Unplug The Dryer

Before doing any cleaning, always disconnect the dryer. It is an electrical device, and you must never expose yourself to the danger of electric shock. You may get accustomed to a dryer with a led bulb inside.

If that’s the case, you could expect it to be challenging to see inside the dryer if it’s not switched on. You might ask someone to carry a torch for you while cleaning the dryer to help you remove the ink stain.

  • Dryer Paddles

First, take excellent care of the dryer paddles. If the dryer paddles get made out of plastic, you must first clean the ink stains. Plastic is a porous substance, and it has many small pores on its surface through which ink can travel. As a result, dryer paddles are more likely to discolor. The ink stain may also penetrate the paddles more quickly and last longer.

On the other hand, Dryer drums get built of enameled or porcelain-coated steel, which is non-porous due to the coating. Consequently, before cleaning the dryer drum, it’s best to start with plastic paddles.

Flammable Cleaners

Use flammable cleansers with caution. Ink spots on the dryer can get removed using combustible liquids. Nail polish eraser and rubbing alcohol are two examples. You must take considerable caution if you decide to utilize one. Ensure you’re working in a well-ventilated area with the dryer switched off.

  • Do Not Leave Any Bleach Residue

If you have to use bleach to erase ink stains, be sure there is no chemical residue left behind. Colour fading can occur while using chlorine bleach on colored clothing. To avoid bleach residue, make sure you properly wash them off.

  • Dry out

Following cleaning the ink, check the dryer for leftovers using a cloth. Invisible ink traces might sometimes remain on the dryer after being cleaned. It’s a good idea to start with old towels or cloths to guarantee that no ink stains or residues will harm subsequent loads in the dryer.

They will probably pick up any pen ink traces you may have missed. The rags or towels may also pick up the residues from the cleaning products.

Final Thought

An ounce of prevention can help remove the need for all of the cleaning tips listed above. To prevent ink stains from damaging your dryer, empty any clothing pockets before putting them in the washer or dryer. You may save the machine by eliminating pens or other ink carriers before tossing them in the dryer.


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